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The Properties


Not a 'western' motif, these accommodations are dedicated to function and utility. Both units are in close proximity to the Pruitt's home on the banks of the Little Buffalo River. Avery and Thelma Pruitt are 5th generation natives of Newton County whose ancestors settled in the area known as Pruitt Access on the Buffalo River. John D. Pruitt, a son of that original settler, later made his home along the banks of the Little Buffalo River, a contributory stream to the Buffalo River. These two rental units are located on part of the original homestead where five generations of Pruitt's farmed and ranched. The Buffalo River Bunkhouse and Bungalow are part of that heritage, and the Pruitt's invite you to share in the tradition if you long for rural lodging that is conveniently located one mile from Jasper.

The Bunkhouse and Bungalow feature clean, comfortable beds - most are plump new mattresses - made up with quality linens and topped off with handmade quilts. The towels are plush and thirsty, and the kitchens are supplied with dishes, flatware and cooking utensils. Both units are decorated with family heirlooms. Retired farm implements, passed on to us from our parents and grandparents, now provide personality and ambiance for your visit. Photographs of family ancestors evoke retrospection of simpler times, and pictures of local attractions depict the area's allure and uncommon beauty.

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